Fields of activity

Patent Prosecution

Excellent inventions need strong protection. We will assist you.

Patent Litigation

We represent you as plaintiff or defendant in all stages of infringement and nullity proceedings.


We perform the attack on interfering intellectual property rights of your competitors.


From a national application to a Global Player. We support your trademarks on their way to success.

Other Protective Rights

We also advise you with regard to further options for protecting your intellectual property.

Technical Fields

All partners have a scientific background and a PhD in chemistry, biochemistry or biology.

Administration of Protective Rights

Our tax department handles all annuity and renewal matters.


We help our clients in granting and taking licenses.

Employees' Inventions

Our office is especially experienced in dealing with matters related to the Law on Employees' Inventions.


Our office assists companies in all kinds of arbitration proceedings.

Due Diligence

We assist our clients in assessing third parties' protective rights portfolios.

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